Cate Fisk

My friends call me Cod Dog I miss prounounced hot dog ad now your branded for life. I love football and swimming. My favorite color is seafoam green. Im going to tapestry next year. My favorite animals are dog i know im so plain. Im 11 my birthday is October 12. I like squishmallows. I dogsit for my neighbors i have dogsat for a dog named ginger and a dog named sassy. My favorite movie is the wizard of oz. my favorite book is the land of stories beyond the kingdoms and root magic. My favorite football team is the Rams because that was the first team i watched play and they won. My favorite class is math and social studies.i am a supporter of Congeous (if you have a cut come and be a blood sacrafice to Congeous). I also have a severe anxeity disorder. And if i dont take my medicine im a mess. im just a mess(:

I am not being forced to worship Congeous i swear blink twice if you need help